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The Year of the Clinic!

By : Ken Potter, REVOLUTION Construction Manager

2017 is here and we are planning and hoping that it is a very productive year. We have much to do here at the project, but after another time period of waiting for further answers from our structural engineer and architect, confirming important design details with other engineers as well as important information from the health department design team, we now have all of the information needed in order to push forward.

It has been a challenge to my patience – wanting to push progress, but this is God’s project and we are only completing what we are supposed to be completing according to His timeline. I’ve often thought about our simple human minds and our egos and how we can often even question the reality of something we may have even experienced or witnessed ourselves. The apostles often come to my mind – they witnessed miracles time after time yet would still fall back into a doubting mode. Two thousand years later we do the exact same thing. I’ve experienced so many really neat coincidences that are in fact God-instances, yet I worry and fret over things not progressing as my ego wants them to. So as I discussed in my last blog, that half-full glass has allowed us to avoid what would have been a mess if my American “push-push” mentality had resulted in having many door headers in place before our Santo Domingo meeting as we would have had a bunch of rework to do.

It is a new year, and we have begun work and are getting things rolling. Currently there are workers installing the form work for the door headers and a crew is installing the conduits in the walls that will hold the electrical wiring for the ceiling lights and other electrical devices needing a run up the wall.






Thanks to some wonderfully quick responses from some folks at the Carter Machinery (the CAT dealer in Salem, VA), we have details worked out for the generators and main electrical feeds. I am planning on these being some projects to be completed by the construction teams who will be coming down this winter and spring. We have also received good news from the government officials allowing us to enclose the strip of land between the two canals. This will let the teams build the east wall and basically get the security walls fully completed.

This is not just another medical facility for the region, it is the one that will help those with no other real choice. There are people here in need of health care and health education – You might have read about the infant who died in El Cercado and I am thinking of a young boy with disfigured legs our engineer showed me a picture of – this clinic will offer the ability to help these types of situations.

Thanks again to those of you who attended the Revolution meetings and a special thanks to those who have financially committed to helping us reach our new campaign goal. An optimistic year lies ahead. We’ve had to take a very cautious approach so we don’t waste the precious funds you have donated, but we are finally at a point to push forward. Time to get to work!


As always, please keep in mind that there are many ways you can get involved! Please consider the following options for how you can make a difference:

PRAY – We covet your prayers for this project! Pray for the safety of construction teams on the job site and for our ongoing financial needs to complete the budget. Pray for the lives that will be touched for years to come and ask that God will use the clinic as an incredible tool to reach and help the lost in the San Juan region.

SERVE – Join a construction team! Lead a construction team! We have a great need for laborers right now and would love to have you and your friends, family, church, and co-workers get some hands-on involvement!

SHARE – Help spread the word! If you believe in the importance of the REVOLUTION, please share it with your friends and family! Social media is a great way to do this. Please “Like” and share the Solid Rock International Facebook posts and pictures to help spread awareness to as many as possible!

GIVE – Consider how you and your family can sacrificially give financially to the project in the form of a one-time donation or pledge to help us complete the project budget! You can give online, over the phone (419-956-4077), or by sending a check to: SOLID ROCK INTERNATIONAL, PO Box 20867, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Thanks for your continued support and for following along on this amazing journey to better healthcare in the Dominican Republic!

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