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Revolution | Solid Rock

The Next Generation of Leadership

Dr. Osvaldo Canario, founder of the Christian Clinic for Integrated Health in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic recently shared that he is moving on from his role as director of the clinic. SRI honored Dr. Canario at the October board meeting for his 32 years of leadership, vision, and sacrifice serving in this position in the name of Christ.

As we reflect on Dr. Canario’s life work with the clinic, we invite you to read about its humble beginnings as told by missionary Dorine Smith, in her book New Mercies. We are confident you will be encouraged by how God worked in the heart of a young man known as “Yiro” as you learn more about how the clinic and Solid Rock International came to be.

As Dr. Osvaldo Canario steps away, we are pleased to share that the role of Clinic Director has now been filled by his daughter, Dr. Odette Canario. After completing grades 5-10 at the SRI-sponsored CCED school, Dr. Odette Canario finished her studies in Canada. Her higher education was then completed in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. She since has returned to San Juan, sharing that she feels a responsibility to care for “her people” using her God-given talents as a physician. Please take a moment to view the video below to learn more about Dr. Odette Canario and her role with the clinic.

Recently, Dr. Odette Canario traveled to Louisville, KY for the SRI board meeting in October. Already having spent a full year transitioning into her role as director, the board was encouraged to hear her report on the status of the clinic and future plans as they move into the new facility being created via the REVOLUTION Project. We are excited and grateful to welcome her aboard and ask that you please join with us in prayer as she continues on in her new role as director. Dr. Odette Canario is also an SRI-supported staff member who is currently underfunded. Please click here to learn more. Thank you for your support!

Donor Recognition

As we near the end of the project, it is incredible to see all who have so generously contributed to make this dream become a reality for the people of the San Juan region. In total, the REVOLUTION Project has been financially supported by over 850 people/organizations!

Efforts are currently underway to organize donor recognition that will be displayed on the walls within the new facility. If you have given a minimum of $3,600 to the REVOLUTION Project, you should have received information regarding recognition opportunities. Room naming will be available for those who have contributed a minimum of $50,000. Donor information must be confirmed with us by 12-31-21.

If you believe you have qualified for recognition and have not received a letter, please contact the office at your earliest convenience. Thank you again for your giving!

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