Revolution | Solid Rock

Revolution | Solid Rock

The Need Remains

It is currently tropical storm season for the Dominican Republic, so that means heavier rains and a higher risk for flooding and hurricanes. Recently towards the end of July, the guesthouse and clinic experienced some higher waters resulting from a storm that passed through. Luckily it was only minor and our team onsite did a great job helping clean things up afterwards!

In 1998, San Juan de la Maguana was not so fortunate, as flood waters resulting from Hurricane George turned disastrous. The guesthouse and clinic were buried under several feet of mud and the government shortly after declared the land on which they sit a flood plain. Each year, storm season is a very real reminder that a REVOLUTION is needed, and we pray that God allows the new clinic facility to be completed soon. Thank you for continuing to support and pray for this project. Stay tuned for more photos and construction updates next month!

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