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Revolution | Solid Rock

Staff Training

Various trainings are underway for the clinic staff as they prepare for their transition to the new facility and begin offering new services. Emergency care is among the new services that will be offered. Recently, the staff received Dr. Ravi Masih, an emergency physician from Sebastian, FL, along with his fiancee, Tina McCurry, an emergency room nurse (both pictured below at center), to lead some trainings at the new clinic.

On the first day, Dr. Masih gave a big picture overview on how an ER functions. Another day was dedicated to EKG use, including how and when to use the machines. Dr. Masih and Tina plan to return regularly to continue to provide staff trainings and work through a list of topics provided by Clinic Director Dr. Odette Canario.

Dr. Masih is a long-time SRI volunteer with many years of service on medical barrio clinic teams. Interestingly enough, SRI Medical Coordinator Sarah Heinz perviously served with Dr. Masih on a mission trip to Brazil. We are grateful for these trainings that help to prepare the staff during this exciting time!

Click here for more information on the Christian Clinic for Integral Health and its current status. Thank you for continuing to follow along!

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