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Medical Equipment and Hospital Furniture Needed

SRI is currently seeking connections to large businesses, hospitals, or corporations that could donate used or excess medical equipment and/or hospital furniture to help outfit the REVOLUTION Project facility. Our partner, MedShare, will be the main solution for gathering medical-related needs as well as some furniture, but getting additional items at a reduced cost or even donated would lower what we pay MedShare and ease their workload. Although we deeply appreciate someone wanting to donate an item or two that they may personally own, we are most interested in connections to wholesalers, manufacturers, hospitals, or large businesses who may be interested in helping.

If you have a possible lead to a connection, SRI is happy to provide more details with specifics and can communicate directly with the lead. Once the connection is established and the donation is confirmed, we can then help coordinate the acquiring, storing, and loading of the items into a container for shipment to San Juan de La Maguana. We would also like to remind all interested businesses that gifts-in-kind are considered tax deductible.

Specific Items Needed:

Office Furniture

  • Waiting room chairs
  • Office desks and chairs
  • Office accessories (lamps, chairs, file cabinets, etc.)
  • Commercial file cabinets
  • Conference room table and chairs

Medical Furniture

  • Bedside tables (18)
  • Stainless steel carts and tables
  • Laboratory workstation chairs
  • Vinyl office chairs for consult rooms
  • Privacy curtains (between beds)
  • Privacy screens for consult rooms

Other Furniture

  • Cafeteria chairs and tables
  • Stainless tables for food prep
  • Garbage waste disposal system
  • Small patient room refrigerators (16)
  • Warehouse shelving units


  • Video-conferencing equipment
  • Video projector or large flatscreen
  • LED TVs (12)
  • Laptop computers (60)

Medical Equipment

  • Operating room table
  • LED OR lights
  • C-Arm
  • Arthroscopy tower
  • Audiometer
  • Gas autoclave
  • X-ray
  • Laboratory equipment (centrifuge, coagulomter)
  • Ophthalmology microscope
  • Fetal dopplers (4) and monitors (4)
  • Hospital waste incinerator

Thank you for your consideration of how you might be able to assist! If you have any leads or questions, please direct them to

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