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Revolution | Solid Rock

Impact creates change

Recently we sat down with Dr. Osvaldo Canario to listen to him share his dream and vision for the future of the REVOLUTION Project. It was during this time that he shared a story that impacted him the most from his time working at the clinic.

When the clinic began in 1989, it was placed in an area with great need. There were very poor families and malnourished children. The Child Nutrition Program (CNP) that Dr. Canario references in his interview began in 1991. He also mentions the impact created by the CNP that educated the family of the girls on how to best nourish their girls by coming alongside them and supporting them. Those two girls are now raising families of their own.

The REVOLUTION Project has the potential to make an even greater impact with all of the services that it will be able to provide. We look forward to hearing more testimonies in the future of how patients’ lives were changed and realize it is through God’s direction that people give of their resources to support the initiatives of the clinic.

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