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Preventative Healthcare

In the Dominican Republic, preventative healthcare is typically not a huge area of focus. The Christian Clinic for Integral Health looks to change this, and has already begun pouring into the community in various ways. Most recently, the new facility was utilized to offer free PSA testing and also hosted educational gatherings on colon cancer awareness. Going forward, the clinic plans to prioritize continued preventative healthcare opportunities as they strive to provide the utmost level of care to the region.

In March, the clinic participated in World Colon Cancer Awareness Day by providing education to the community in the form of in-person informative gatherings and social media posts. Emphasis was placed on familiarity of symptoms and routine testing for early detection. Statistics were also shared about colon cancer in the Dominican Republic, as cases are currently on the rise due to changes in the diet and lifestyle of many Dominicans.

Clinic staff at their event for World Colon Cancer Awareness Day

Free PSA testing was offered in April as part of an early detection screening for prostate cancer. An astounding 600 men came in for testing during the two days that the procedure was offered. Due to the positive response and high participation rate, Clinic Director Dr. Odette Canario decided to extend the free screenings through the end of the month.

Be sure to follow along on the social media accounts of both the clinic and SRI as well as the clinic blog for all of the latest clinic news. Thank you for your continued support of the clinic as they adjust and grow into their new scope of service by providing healthcare for all in Jesus’ name!

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