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Revolution | Solid Rock

Dominican Support of the REVOLUTION Project

IMCA, a Dominican company that represents CATERPILLAR, Inc. in Santo Domingo, has once again provided an amazing contribution to the REVOLUTION Clinic Project in the form of two generators. These generators were sold at cost and will provide critical power to the entire REVOLUTION Project facility during the average eight hours per day that the city electricity is out. The discount, combined with a successful tax exemption, resulted in a total savings of $34,000! We would like to say a special thanks to SRI board member and CAT employee, Moe Moushon, for helping making the request to IMCA.

The construction team is making many efforts to protect the new generators. In addition to CAT’s weather and sound enclosures, the Dominican team designed and constructed an enclosure and pad for the generators, helping to minimize noise and exhaust issues as well as for security purposes. Along with the generators, a large diesel fuel tank will also be installed to provide fuel for over five days of continuous generator operation if needed.

In the past, IMCA supported the REVOLUTION project by generously donating the use of several pieces of equipment for various forms of site preparation, along with the transportation (a three-hour drive from Santo Domingo to San Juan) and fuel for the equipment. We thank God for this partnership and encouraged by the local support for the project!

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