Revolution | Solid Rock

Revolution | Solid Rock

Construction Updates

Work continues steadily to complete the REVOLUTION Project – a new facility for the Christian Clinic for Integrated Health to serve the San Juan region and beyond. Great strides have been made with both the interior and exterior of the building. Inside the building, floors, doors, and windows have been areas of focus as well as the installation of air conditioning and the electrical system that will power it. The front gate was recently put up and also steel beams that will act as a support for a covered entrance. Additionally, there are plans in the works for putting in the medical gas system and paving the parking lot.

Air conditioning units
Steel beams in place

Donor Recognition

As we are near the end of the project, it is incredible to see all who have so generously contributed to make this dream become a reality for the people of the San Juan region. In total, the REVOLUTION Project has been financially supported by over 850 people/organizations! Efforts are currently underway to organize donor recognition that will be displayed on the walls within the new facility. If you have given a minimum of $3,600 to the REVOLUTION Project, please watch your mailbox for information regarding recognition opportunities. Room naming will be available for those who have contributed a minimum of $50,000. Donor information must be confirmed with us by 12-31-21. If you believe you have qualified for recognition and do not receive a letter in the next one to two weeks, please contact the office at your earliest convenience.

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