Revolution | Solid Rock

Revolution | Solid Rock

Construction has Resumed!

We are pleased to share that construction has resumed on-site for the REVOLUTION project!




During last month’s board meeting, the continuation of construction was approved and there is action on the worksite once again!┬áThere are several areas of focus that the workers will be tackling. First, they will complete the concrete over the center area of the building in two sections. Second, they will begin plastering the areas that have the roof in place but have not yet been plastered. This will require the assistance of the electrician to put the conduits in place in this area as well as for the plumbing pipes to be pressure-tested. Finally, they will work to complete the roof of the water cistern once the first batch of concrete is placed.

Details are still being worked through for tax exemption and tax exoneration. Currently, plans for the next test shipment of two pallets of equipment from Peoria, Illinois are in process.





Fundraising Updates

We continue to feel extremely blessed by all who have contributed so far to make this project a reality. Please see the most current numbers below as of 8/31/18:

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 6.14.38 PM

Get Involved!

Get Involved!

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