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Revolution | Solid Rock

Clinic Pharmacy Updates

Did you know that the new clinic will have two separate pharmacies? This will allow for the clinic to properly comply with regulations regarding medication distribution. The first will be an internal pharmacy used to provide medications to surgical patients, patients admitted for hospitalization, and patients receiving emergency care. These medications will be purchased by the clinic and billed to the patient who will then pay either through health insurance or via low cost, private payments. Historically, the clinic at times receives donated medications from pharmaceutical companies and private individuals that help support these specific needs.

The second pharmacy will be external and will provide outpatient medications to those with a prescription. It will continue to function as it currently does at the “old” clinic facility, offering medications at a comparatively much lower cost. However, at the new location, this pharmacy will also be able to accept health insurance for payment. The external pharmacy, located on the eastern edge of the new clinic property is currently in its final stages of construction (pictured below). Proceeds from the pharmacy will be directed to the clinic, clinic staff, and a special “cost coverage” program for those in need. It will also include cafeteria options for patients, family, and staff.

Thank you for your continued support of this project! Click here for more information on the Christian Clinic for Integral Health and its current status.

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