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Revolution | Solid Rock

Clinic Hosts Press Conference with National News

Recently, a press conference was held onsite at the new location of the Christian Clinic for Integral Health with over 100 people in attendance. Those present included representatives from local and national news stations, local and regional healthcare authorities, the regional director of public health, as well as local and regional bank managers. Leadership from both the clinic and ACPSI hosted the conference, and also provided a tour of the facility. “During the tour we emphasized that the clinic is for everyone, but that our target population is the poor people of San Juan,” stated Clinic Director Dr. Odette Canario in regards to the clinic’s communication to the press.

Anticipation of the upcoming transition into the new facility is clearly building across the nation. In addition to the clinic’s unique mission to provide services to the poor, the press shared great interest in the clinic’s blood bank, as donated blood can be quite costly and difficult to acquire. This is just one example of how the clinic plans to increase its level of care by offering new services through its more modern facility and equipment.

We invite you to view two news clips below that were aired across the nation following the press conference. May they also stir in you a sense of hope and excitement as we continue to pray for the clinic and all the lies ahead!

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