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Biomedical Training with MedShare

Earlier this month, a 10-day extensive training workshop was held at the Christian Clinic for Integral Health led by Eben Armstrong, MedShare‘s director of biomedical training and technical services. There were 15 in attendance at the training workshop, including six students from the SRI-sponsored CCED school. MedShare is a vital partner for the clinic and SRI, as it has served as the equipment solution to outfit the new clinic building. Now that the equipment is in place, MedShare is also responsible for the necessary training in order for the clinic to successfully use and maintain its more advanced and modern equipment.

In the Dominican Republic, it is not uncommon for expensive medical equipment to sit unused in healthcare facilities once damaged due to lack of the ability to make simple repairs. Trainings such as this help to provide vital information and confidence to professionals so that they can strengthen their skills and competencies in the handling of advanced biomedical equipment and thus ensure longterm sustainability of the equipment.

Pictured above, Dr. Osvaldo Canario (left), executive director of the Christian Association for the Promotion of Integral Health, presents a certificate to a CCED student (center) with Eben Armstrong (right). Dr. Canario believes workshops such as these are essential to enhancing the skills and abilities of professionals so that they are aware of the latest trends and advancements in their respective fields. He went on to say that one of the fundamental objectives of the clinic is the constant implementation of training workshops that cover various areas of specialization. To read more about the MedShare training workshop, visit the clinic blog.

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