Revolution | Solid Rock

Revolution | Solid Rock

Big Announcement

We have big news to share… last month we hit our fundraising goal of $5.9 million for the REVOLUTION Project campaign! Praise God and thank you to all who contributed towards this major success! Continue reading below to learn more about the clinic’s current status and next steps.

The clinic dedication group after touring the new facility in March 2023


The need for a new building for the Christian Clinic for Integral Health arose after major flooding from Hurricane George in 1998. From that point on, the clinic (constructed in 1989) had damage beyond repair and therefore has been unable to accept insurance. Following the hurricane, the government also declared the land on which the clinic sits as a floodplain. The guesthouse and clinic have since experienced episodes of flooding, with the more recent occurrence happening just before Easter last month.

Fundraising efforts for the REVOLUTION Project to construct a new building for the clinic officially kicked off back in 2012, with the groundbreaking taking place in November 2014. More photos from the groundbreaking ceremony can be found in our Facebook album.

The clinic groundbreaking group in November 2014
The first shovel of land by Dr. Canario and Dr. Diller in November 2014

After many years of hard work, faithful giving, prayer, and God’s blessing, the clinic building is now in the final stages of preparation to begin serving the community. The building was dedicated to God’s glory on March 28, 2023 with a gathering of over 300 people present from the Dominican Republic, Canada, and the United States.

The new building for the Christian Clinic for Integral Health
Attendees at the dedication ceremony for the new clinic building

Next Steps

Moving forward, there is still work to be done before the clinic can officially move and begin operating out of the new building. Current orders of business include waiting on Public Health approvals, waiting on containers with necessary equipment, the process of hiring additional staff, and the process of training staff. At this point in time, the hope is to make the move into the new facility by late summer or early fall, but is all dependent on the previously listed items in process. SRI is committed to continue support to the clinic during this time of transition so that the clinic can successfully move and begin functioning out of the new building. Communications via this blog, email, and social media will remain constant and regular to keep supporters in-the-know each step of the way.

Current and Future Operations

SRI currently provides financial support for roughly 15% of the clinic’s operational needs as well as the additional services provided by SRI volunteer medical teams. The new building will allow for the clinic to continue operating as it currently does while also offering more services and the new ability to accept insurance (after Public Health approvals). As a result,┬áthis will ultimately decrease the amount of financial support needed from SRI and free up funding for other SRI ministries. As for management, SRI has oversight responsibilities via the Joint Executive Committee made up of SRI and ACPSI (The Christian Association for the Promotion of Integral Health) representation. However, the clinic operates and will continue to be managed independently from SRI.

Your Help is Still Needed

The clinic and SRI request that supporters please continue to stay informed and involved moving forward. Prayers are needed for the current priorities mentioned above including Public Health approvals, equipment shipping, and the hiring and training of staff. The continuation of pledges to the project is extremely helpful at this time to help with costs of equipment and shipping, the completion of the pharmacy, and other transitional needs communicated as we approach the move into the new facility. Also, please keep in mind that SRI will continue to send 100% of all donated funds directly to the clinic project without the removal of administrative fees.

Thank you!

Thank you for your past and continued support of this major and exciting project. We are grateful for your prayers, donated items, donated time, and donated finances. In God’s perfect timing, we are confident that we will see the clinic continue to touch and change lives in big ways for many years to come. Thank you again for your faithful support.

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