Revolution | Solid Rock

Revolution | Solid Rock

A Request for Prayer

Photo by: Rinson Chory

Your prayers are urgently requested again as we await three containers full of medical equipment, furniture, and supplies to be released by Dominican customs. Due diligence has been exercised in all ways but customs has not provided an open door for the containers to head to their final destination to outfit the new clinic. Please pray for the following:

1) That the three containers in customs would be released tax-free

2) That Dominican customs would provide an open door going forward so SRI can ship the next containers of medical equipment, furniture, and supplies needed to outfit the new clinic

3) That God would intervene quickly with this process

The arrival of these containers is a crucial step in order for the new facility to open its doors. The medical equipment they contain is needed onsite in order to begin important staff trainings, move forward with Public Health approvals, and ultimately begin serving the community.

Thank You, Teams!

Thank you to our recent teams from Wisconsin and Indiana who worked to paint the curbs in the parking lot of the new clinic. It is exciting to see some of the smaller detail work being completed.

Financial Updates

Thank you to all who have generously given and prayed to make this dream a reality. Please see the most current numbers below as of 1/31/23:

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