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Revolution | Solid Rock

Work Continues!

Construction Report

By: Ken Potter, REVOLUTION Construction Manager


Currently the vigas (beams) and dinteles (headers) are being formed, rebar fabricated, and concrete mixed and placed. Typically we have four workers doing form work, two or three fabricating the rebar, and a crew of eight to ten to take care of the concrete. Once the headers are in place, additional block is laid on top to reach final wall height. The building actually has two wall heights at 3m and 4m. Block is also being added to walls that do not have beams or headers.

An electrical crew of up to six are cutting in and installing the outlet boxes and conduit. These cuts are then filled with mortar and run to the floor. This crew is also installing data and TV boxes and conduits which run up above the dropped ceilings.

The plumbing supply and drain lines are all in place with the exception of the four additional bathrooms added at the request of the health department in December. These four bathrooms now have block walls in place and the plumbing is being installed as needed. All supply lines are being pressure tested to 60 lbs, with many issues being found and repaired. This is a time-intensive process. Pipes are fully covered once tested with some pipes being left exposed as work progressed so that testing could be easier. However, once exposed they are vulnerable to breakage testing is taking place as quickly as possible. All supply lines are not centrally connected so there are many smaller networks that have to be individually tested.

The hope is to add to the number of form workers to begin forming the vigas that are integral with the roof slab to be able to start on the eastern-most section within the next week or so. We have now broken the building into eight areas for the beams and roof sections to make quantities of all materials and work more manageable.

Fundraising Updates

We continue to feel extremely blessed by all who have contributed so far to make this project a reality. Please see the most current numbers below as of 2/28/17:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 4.00.29 PM

Get Involved

As always, please keep in mind that there are many ways you can get involved! Please consider the following options for how you can make a difference:

PRAY – We covet your prayers for this project! Pray for the safety of construction teams on the job site and for our ongoing financial needs to complete the budget. Pray for the lives that will be touched for years to come and ask that God will use the clinic as an incredible tool to reach and help the lost in the San Juan region.

SERVE – Join a construction team! Lead a construction team! We have a great need for laborers right now and would love to have you and your friends, family, church, and co-workers get some hands-on involvement!

SHARE – Help spread the word! If you believe in the importance of the REVOLUTION, please share it with your friends and family! Social media is a great way to do this. Please “Like” and share the Solid Rock International Facebook posts and pictures to help spread awareness to as many as possible!

GIVE – Consider how you and your family can sacrificially give financially to the project in the form of a one-time donation or pledge to help us complete the project budget! You can give online, over the phone (419-956-4077), or by sending a check to: SOLID ROCK INTERNATIONAL, PO Box 20867, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

Thanks for your continued support and for following along on this amazing journey to better healthcare in the Dominican Republic!

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