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Board Meeting and Tax Updates!

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SRI Board Meeting

On April 20-21, the SRI Board had the privilege of coming together in Spartanburg, SC to discuss SRI’s ministries and campaigns. The biggest focus last weekend was given to the REVOLUTION project and the challenges that we currently are faced with. What an incredible opportunity for so many professionals to work cross-culturally together to solve common problems! We are so thankful for their dedication and support of SRI and God’s narrative in the Dominican Republic!

Tax Exoneration & Tax Exemption

For those of you who are new to SRI and are just stepping into the REVOLUTION Campaign journey, here is a brief summary of what we are working through to continue the process of building the clinic. At present, we are working to get approval for our tax exemption and tax exoneration statuses. These statuses help us to purchase and ship materials for the clinic at a major discount. Tax exemption applies to in-country purchases that will be made for the new clinic facility. Our Dominican partners have been working to prepare a purchase of items including windows, doors, rebar, etc. to ensure that we do indeed receive the tax exemption upon purchase. At this point they are waiting on one final approval from the government. Tax exoneration deals with out of country purchases. We have a flight scheduled at the end of May to test this status through Missionary Flights.

As many know, we have fervently been pursuing these statuses for many months, but due to ever-changing government requirements, it has taken longer than we originally expected. We believe in God’s sovereign timing and are hopeful that we may be at the end of these hoops! We are hopeful that we will hear back from the Dominican government in response to our proposals in the next few weeks.

As we actively wait for the Dominican government’s approval of our proposals, would you be in prayer with us for this? We appreciate your support and involvement with SRI as we continue this process! Thank you for joining us in helping change the lives of those in the Dominican Republic!

Fundraising Updates

We continue to feel extremely blessed by all who have contributed so far to make this project a reality. Please see the most current numbers below as of 4/30/18:

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Get Involved!

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